This episode features Angelina Fuschetto, a 2001 graduate from the U.S. Merchant Marine Academy, located in Kings Point NY. Angelina, or Angie, or… FU to those that went to school with her… shares all about her journey from the cornfields of Indiana to working with tankers in Alaska. If you don’t know much about Kings Point and the life of a merchant mariner, Angie’s story will definitely give you some great insight. And for transparency, I should mention that Angie was actually a first class midshipman (or senior) at Kings Point when I was a plebe (or freshman). In fact, she was my platoon commander – and while I don’t think this impacted the interview in any way – I just thought you should know. Enjoy the show!


  • Choosing a maritime school with no experience on ships or the ocean
  • Navigating Sea Year as one of the only women on a ship.
  • Maintaining your military commitment while Sailing.
  • Tips for navigating a male dominated industry.
  • Transitioning from sailing to shoreside.
  • Life on a tanker.
  • Life in Alaska.


  • Can you tell everyone where you’re from? What school you went to and when you graduated?
  • Can you give everyone 1-2 lines about who you are?

2:17 PART I:

  • What made you choose a Service Academy – and what made you specifically choose the U.S. Merchant Marine Academy?
  • Had you been on a ship before and had you ever been on the ocean?
  • Was there anything about the U.S. Merchant Marine Academy that stood out to you?

8:30 PART II:

  • What was it like when you showed up for the first day?
  • If you had to sum up your time at the Academy in one word, what would it be?
  • What were some of the most memorable highlights for you?
  • Did you feel like the connections you made were strong?

17:30 PART III:

  • Were there any major lowlights while you were at the Academy?
  • How did Academics go for you?

22:15 PART IV:

  • Did you pass license exams on the first try? 
  • What was your first job like?
  • Which service did you pick?
  • What was the Naval Reserve commitment like while maintaining your sailing commitment?

30:00 PART V:

  • How well do you feel the Academy prepared you for life at sea?
  • What were some of the greatest lessons you learned from an Academy that you applied to your career trajectory?
  • Tips for navigating a male dominated industry.

35:40 PART VI:

  • How was the transition from sailing to shoreside?
  • What was your sailing rotation and how did that schedule impact other aspects of your life?
  • What was it about the tanker life that appealed to you so much?
  • What drew you to Alaska?
  • What are you currently doing shoreside?
  • Were you able to maintain close connections with people from the Academy while sailing?


  • How do you currently feel about your decision to attend an Academy?
  • What’s next for you?
  • Do you have any parting words for listeners? Perhaps a key message to your fellow Service Academy sisters?
  • What’s one random fun fact about you?
  • Where can people reach you?


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