This episode features Elisa Rhynedance, a 2009 graduate from The United States Air Force Academy (USAFA) in Colorado Springs. You’ll get to hear all about the ups and downs of her journey towards self-discovery as she redefines herself from being a college gymnast to a military officer to eventually uncovering her passion as a coach. Enjoy the show!


  • Managing the struggle of academics at the Academy
  • Redefining yourself when you can no longer play your sport
  • Learning to trust yourself and prioritize your goals
  • Navigating the transition from military life to civilian life
  • Learning to work with non-military personnel 
  • Taking a leap of faith and following your own path


  • Can you tell everyone where you’re from? What school you went to and when you graduated?
  • Can you give everyone 1-2 lines about who you are?

2:00 PART I:

  • What made you choose a Service Academy – and what made you specifically choose the USAFA?

5:45 PART II:

  • What are some of the highlights/most memorable moments from your time there?
  • If you had to sum up your time at USAFA in one word – what would it be?
  • What were your goals while you were at the Academy?

13:00 PART III:

  • The struggle of academics at the Academy.
  • What were some of the lowlights/most difficult times at the Academy?
  • What are some of the lessons you learned?

24:48 PART IV:

  • Tell me about your life post-graduation. 
  • What was your plan when you decided to separate from the military? 
  • How did you feel working in your first job post-military?
  • How do you feel going to a service academy influenced the trajectory of your life?

37:00 PART V:

  • How did your career working in a gym align with your experience in the military?
  • What made you realize you were out of balance?
  • How do you feel now in your current career coaching?


  • Looking back now, how do you feel about your decision to attend an Academy?
  • What’s next for you?
  • Do you have any parting words for listeners? Perhaps a key message to your fellow Service Academy sisters?
  • What’s one random fun fact about you?
  • Where can people reach you?

Instagram: @rhynedance

Company Website: 

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